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April 15 , 2017 | Posted by theliceslayers |


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March 17 , 2017 | Posted by theliceslayers |

How to Remove Head Lice From Your Home

After you or a family member has just been treated for head lice at The Lice Slayers, here are some ways to get rid of head lice at your home: Everyone in the house needs to change their clothing and all bed linens. In addition, any hats, scarves, coats, and gloves, should be washed in

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March 7 , 2017 | Posted by theliceslayers |

Lice vs. Dandruff, how do I tell the difference?

Lice and Dandruff share some similarities, but are two totally different conditions of the scalp. Which means they also have two completely different causes and treatments. The two symptoms common to both head lice and dandruff are itching and white particles in your hair and scalp. Symptoms unique to head lice are: movement of white

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February 26 , 2017 | Posted by theliceslayers |

Is this head lice?

Lice are tiny parasites that spread from person to person. The most common and well known symptom of lice is itching. Lice bites cause itching through an allergic reaction. Sometimes it takes a while, up to 6 weeks, for you to have symptoms if the infestation is minimal. In, addition to itching there are a

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January 29 , 2017 | Posted by theliceslayers |

Hairstyles that prevent lice

The rule of thumb to help prevent head lice is to always have your kids hair tied up in some shape or form (unless they have short hair, then it is difficult). The less hair hanging freely, the more difficult it makes it for lice and nits to make a home in their hair. The

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