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How to Educate Your Kids About Head Lice



How to Educate Your Kids About Head Lice

One of the best ways to prevent head lice, is to educate your kids. Teaching your children that sharing is not caring when it comes to head lice is often the first step towards a life free childhood. Sharing hats, brushes, helmets, jackets, headbands, scarves, and more can spread lice from their friend’s head, to theirs and vice versa. Make sure your kids understand how lice travel from one head to another. And although it is easier said than done remind children that it is good to play at a distance with friends at school – especially when there has been news of a friend with head lice.

Play habits and proximity are a great start to preventing lice- however there are also some hairstyles that can reduce your risk for having lice jump into your child’s hair. Stay tuned to the next article in the series that will explain Hairstyles That Prevent Head Lice (coming soon).