Guaranteed Treatment – How It Works

We Know How Frustrating Lice Can Be!!!

We have all experienced the horror and shock of finding out those little critters have invaded the scalp and hair of our little sweeties. Now, The Lice Slayers is here to help. Your lice is now our problem. Bring those little sweeties into our care center and let us put an end to these problems. Just call to make an appointment today and we will help you end the struggle.


The guaranteed treatment is utilized by the lice professionals at The Lice Slayers on individuals with dry, untangled hair that can be easily combed and is free of hair products and scalp-treatment products.

During the course of a 30-minute guaranteed treatment, the trained technician will utilize the treatment under the hair and against the head until the entire head has been treated.

The technician will stop the treatment immediately if an individual being treated gives a verbal or physical sign of discomfort.

Because the purpose of the guaranteed treatment is to kill the lice and eggs, dead lice and dead eggs will remain in the hair after treatment.  Technicians will do a post-treatment comb-out (which usually takes 30 minutes) with a good quality lice comb to remove the dead lice and eggs. Most technicians will then apply a post-treatment rinse using dimethicone oil to kill any remaining hatched lice that may have survived the treatment.