The Lice Slayers Testimonials

Ny was amazing with our kids and shared with us knowledge that really helped and put our minds at ease. I highly recommend coming here if your faced with a similar problem. ~ Stephen

We battled lice for about 6 weeks last fall. It was incredibly frustrating. Our daughter was the only one who had it, but her hair is long and thick. We spent hours over that period treating, combing and checking her hair. We also spent a lot of money on both pesticide and homeopathic treatments. 

When the lice returned 2 weeks ago, I was just done. Thankfully I had read about your center. We got in fairly quickly. The woman who treated our daughter was kind (and thorough!) I asked her if she ever felt freaked out working there and she said, “no, because I know how easy it is to get rid of with this system.” What a relief that was to hear. And she wasn’t kidding! 

Even with my daughter’s long, thick hair, and a pretty substantial infestation, our treatment time only took a little over an hour. We bought the mint spray and then the nit comb. I followed the given advice about combing and head checks after the treatments, but we never found a single nit! Thank you! Even though this treatment is kind of expensive, I still think we came out ahead. No repeated treaments and hours and hours spent picking out nits under a bright lamp. We will definitely recommend you to others!

Miss L checked my daughter and I for lice. She was very kind and knowledgeable. I liked that she was serious combined with being sweet; that made us really trust her. Thanks so very much for this service. ~ Jeni S

We wasted 2 months using Nix and self treating. We never managed to remove all the lice and nits. Lice slayers may seem expensive but we spent at least $100 every time we went to the drug store to deal with this. We rang out washer/dryer 48 hours straight and threw away bedding. We would have saved so much time, money and stress if we had known about Lice Slayers from the beginning. I hope we never deal with lice again, but if we do we’re coming straight to Lice Slayers! ~ Andrea

Thank you so much for ridding the girls of these pesky bugs!! It was a great experience. ~ Lori

Brilliant treatment, great personal attention.  I certainly recommend it!! ~Annie

We are forever grateful… The lice is gone and in just one treatment. Sara was great and very informative! We would totally recommend to friends and family. ~ Jennifer

Mia was AMAZING! She answered all of our questions and was very pleasant while doing the treatment. They also worked around our schedule to get us in. Thanks!Lindsey

My teen daughter got lice (AGAIN!!) & we just could not get rid of it.  After numerous at home treatments (time consuming, messy & EXPENSIVE) & even more tears – from me & my girl) we called Lice Slayers.  Angela was very informative & helpful in the phone & Mia took wonderful care of us in the office.  45 (painless) minutes later ~ LICE FREE for the first time in almost a month!!  A week later, after her re check ~ still lice free! Best $$ I ever spent! ~ Sue

For months, my daughter kept getting lice back and I was at my wits end. I travel a lot for work and the stress of worrying about combing and re-combing was too much. She was live free after one treatment! I would absolutely recommend them. Save your time and money from all the pesticides and go see the lice slayers! ~ Shannon

When something like this happens, you need two things, and the promise made on the home page was kept! 1-Get this stuff gone today, and 2-Have a skilled, caring person to get you through the emotional part of it. Timecka was the only reason this went ok for us, besides getting in right away. She made a very unpleasant thing almost pleasant. She was super professional and fun to talk to. This is a tough thing to go through, and she really helped us in so many ways. We’ll be sure to tell the medical professionals in the school and our personal doctor to call you guys. Thanks so much. ~ Mary

Mia was great and got rid of my lice It’s a good place! ~ Toni

Staff was great owner answered the phone at 11:00 the night before our appointment and got me in. ~ Catie

Beautiful facility surpassed only by the wonderful woman who carefully treated my daughter and checked the entire family! Very efficient. Convenient discreet location. Well worth every penny spent on this wonderfully effective and safe service!!!! ~ Shawn

Very thorough! Checked everyone in the household. Treated my daughter’s thick hair quickly and got it all! Very pleased! Will keep your number in my back pocket in case I need you again! Thanks!!!! ~ Amber

After 4 at home, over-the-counter treatments my daughter and her bff still had lice.  Each girl has really long hair so combing out the nits was near impossible.  Thank heaven for the fact the Lice Slayers takes emergency calls.  In less than 24 hours both girls have been treated.  Talk about service! Thank you Mia! ~ Fiona

My husband found this place via a quick internet search, in the evening, when I was giving our daughter a bath and discovered, with horror, that she had some form of life present in her hair. Despite the late hour, his call was answered by a live person, and we were immediately given an appointment first thing the following morning. The location was easy to get to, but discreet. Both my daughter and I turned out to have lice, and we were thoroughly treated and completely freed of the gross things. We were also sent home with some products and instructions on how to use them – just as a precaution. A week later, at a check up, I was hugely relieved to learn that we are free and clear. If any of our fiends find themselves in a similar predicament I will wholeheartedly recommended this company. ~ Dominique

We got a great service, fast and very helpful with the kids. We will alway come back here if we have any problems with lice. ~ Janine

Lice slayers did a great job of getting rid of the lice the first time around. 10/10 would definitely recommend! ~ Elena

We went to lice slayers one time and that was all we had to do to get ride of the lice. Totally worth the money. ~ Ellen

I am so glad that we found this place. We have been fighting my daughters head lice for months. After we had spent a lot of money on home treatments that failed we called and set up an appointment. Lisa was wonderful. She made my daughter feel at ease and explained to her that she was not the only one that it has happened to. It took several hours but Lisa kept going until no more nits/lice were found. Lisa, thank you so much for the time you spent with my daughter and helping her. ~ Jenn

The lady that treated them as great! She was friendly and gave us numerous options to choose from. ~ Melissa