Treatment and Prices

Flat Fee Pricing!

“I have been trying to treat this problem myself; I should’ve come just come to you guys first!”

Time and time again, we’ve been told that. We understand the frustration of trying to treat this on your own. The hours upon hours and money spent are enough to drive anyone over the edge. Let us rid you of this problem in one, hour long visit, once and for all.

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We accept all major credit cards but we do not accept checks. We charge a flat fee for each treatment. The cost of your treatment may be reimbursed in part by your Insurance or FSA Plans.

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Call Anytime, the phone is always answered! If calling after our normal business hours, our answering service will take a message and someone from you office will call you first thing in the morning to schedule an appointment

Head Checks

$ 35.00 /per person
A Lice Slayers technician will check your entire family. Our head check fee is waived should lice be detected and our treatments services provided.

Guaranteed Treatment

$ 165.00 Flat Fee
A Lice Slayers technician will a perform a 30 minute guaranteed treatment.  After the lice and eggs have been killed, our technician will complete the treatment with a 30-60 minute comb-out to remove all of the dead lice and eggs. Sometimes the treatment may last a bit longer depending on the infestation, but we promise that we charge a flat fee regardless of how long the treatment takes. This is a one time treatment and we assure you that you will be clear as soon as you leave our office, and we ask no follow up treatments of you. We also offer you a detailed list of things that you should do in your home to insure that your environment is lice free. This is a preferred treatment for schools with a no-nit policy. We also offer our families $20.00 off for each additional treatment.

School and Camp Head Screenings

Call for pricing
The Lice Slayers is available to visit your school, camp or day-care for a thorough head check screening. We also offer you a detailed list of things that you should do in your home and school to insure that your environment is lice free.